How to Find Houses that Accept Section 8

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a section 8 voucher and are looking to move. Finding housing is different in each state since Section 8 is managed on a state and local level.

Some states provide more affordable housing-friendly legislation to enable people to actually take advantage of these programs. Some of the states that utilized this program the most are the ones with the highest poverty rates.

In this article, we’ll go over places you can go to find section 8 housing after you already have a voucher. We’ll also review which states are utilizing this program the best so you can understand how friendly your area is to this program.

How to find section 8 housing?

You can find section 8 housing a number of ways. Here are some options:

  • Your local HUD office– Your local Public Housing Authority office will have a list of available units in your area. It won’t always be a complete list but it’s a good place to start if you’re in a hurry and looking to move quickly. They can also point you in the direction of other resources.
  • Online Directories- There are a lot of online directories with houses that are specific to the section 8 program.
  • Description in posting- Sometimes when you’re looking at listings on a website that shows all units available in the area, it’s difficult to know which one accepts section 8. This can really complicate the process of finding a unit that you can actually afford. Some landlords post in the description of the unit if they accept section 8 or not.
  • Check your local laws– Some states and cities will pass laws that prevent turning someone away if they’re using section 8. I would do some research on your local laws and consult with your local agent on what’s the best process for the area.

States with the best Section 8 Programs

Since these programs are managed on the local level, every city and state has a different amount of housing and vouchers available. It’s up to the local government to pass legislation to support these programs.

Here is a list of states with the best section 8 programs:

1. Washington, D.C. – Washington D.C. has had a poverty issue for a while and 2.27% of the population is using a section 8 voucher

2. New York – With stringent zoning laws and a continuous influx of people, New York’s housing crisis also puts them on this list. Around 1.24 percent of the population is using a section 8 voucher.

3. Massachusetts – Massachusetts is number three on the list with 1.22 percent of the population using section 8 vouchers. This has less to do with the legislation that has passed to encourage more assistance with rising home costs.

4. North Dakota – In ND around 1.20 percent of the population are using a section 8 voucher. Because of the increased number of veterans, a lot of priority has been placed on getting these people into housing they can afford. You can find more information about the different coverage by demographic in each state here.

5. Louisiana – Louisiana is another state that has always had a poverty issue. Even though the home values are lower than the national average, people are still struggling to find affordable housing. Currently, 1.19 percent of the population is currently using a section 8 voucher.

6. Connecticut – may be in the top six, like Massachusetts, due to its high housing costs and rising rents. Connecticut has 39,629 low-income housing units, which places it at 1.11 percent of the population.

This doesn’t mean it’s easier to get a section 8 voucher in these states now because they could be heavily funded programs but still in substantial demand. For example, since Louisana has the 4th highest poverty rate in the nation, there might be more demand than the supply of vouchers right now causing waitlists to grow rapidly.

Here are some states that require tenants to accept section 8:

In order to protect against discrimination around the section 8 program, some states have passed legislation to ensure there’s enough affordable housing available for people to choose from. These states are ranked by the number of affordable housing available per capita.

1. North Dakota– As mentioned earlier, North Dakota has the highest level of veterans in the nation. They also have 16 affordable housing units per capita. North Dakota has had a reputation for providing strong affordable housing laws to ensure these veterans are taken care of.

2. Vermont – Vermont has 8 affordable housing complexes per capita. This state is listed before Arkansas because Vermont has a higher cost of living and income so it may be easier to find housing.

3. Arkansas – With an affordable housing complex per capita (AH/C) of 8, Arkansas is one of the easiest states to find housing with section 8. Arkansas also has a lower cost of living so it may be harder to qualify if you make more money.

4. Kansas- Kansas comes in as number four on this list because they have 6 affordable housing units for each person. You’ll see that Iowa has similar metrics but Kansas has a higher cost of living, similar to Vermont and Arkansas.

5. Iowa – As mentioned above, Iowa also has 6 affordable housing units per state. There is less income disparity in Iowa compared to Kansas.

6. Nebraska- Coming in last on this list in Nebraska. They provide 5 affordable housing units per person. Coming in before South Dakota, Missouri, New Hampshire and Minnisota.

It’s important to note that just because the average income is higher in a state doesn’t mean there’s less demand for affordable housing. As we’ve seen, a small few can hold most of the wealth in a city or state.

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